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ThreatExpert's Statistics for PE_FUJACKS.CK-O [Trend Micro]:

PE_FUJACKS.CK-O [Trend Micro] is also known as:
Threat AliasNumber of Incidents
W32.Fujacks.E [Symantec]1
W32/Fujacks.o [McAfee]1
Win32.HLLP.WHBoy.F [PC Tools]1
Worm.Win32.Fujack.c [Kaspersky Lab]1

PE_FUJACKS.CK-O [Trend Micro] has the following possible country of origin:
OriginNumber of Incidents

PE_FUJACKS.CK-O [Trend Micro] is known to be created as:
Note: %System% is a variable that refers to the System folder. By default, this is C:\Windows\System (Windows 95/98/Me), C:\Winnt\System32 (Windows NT/2000), or C:\Windows\System32 (Windows XP).