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What's been foundSeverity Level
Contains characteristics of an identified security risk.


Technical Details:

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Possible Security Risk

Threat CategoryDescription
A malicious trojan horse or bot that may represent security risk for the compromised system and/or its network environment
A program that downloads files to the local computer that may represent security risk


File System Modifications

#Filename(s)File SizeFile HashAlias
1 %Temp%\E_N4\cnvpe.fne
61,440 bytes MD5: 0x36DDEE7039C085ECCB03D028EAE240EE
SHA-1: 0x168D8FD2990CDCC5A6B67E8CBFD60B659F8A7132
Mal/EncPk-NB [Sophos]
Trojan.Peed [Ikarus]
packed with PE-Crypt.CF [Kaspersky Lab]
2 %Temp%\E_N4\dp1.fne
114,688 bytes MD5: 0x7C1EE3AC2038CE6DB51B577B0D3FBAB4
SHA-1: 0xD2E0FA295B2BB92A8A1A7F9261B0F929EC32817D
Mal/EncPk-NB [Sophos]
packed with PE-Crypt.CF [Kaspersky Lab]
3 %Temp%\E_N4\eAPI.fne
323,584 bytes MD5: 0x0A67F8201631B3E778F46F7A774D79E0
SHA-1: 0x28BEF8B36286CB134BCA78B395F825B1EC6FD38F
Trojan.Gen [Symantec]
generic!bg.etr [McAfee]
Trojan.Win32.Agent [Ikarus]
packed with PE-Crypt.CF [Kaspersky Lab]
4 %Temp%\E_N4\HtmlView.fne
217,088 bytes MD5: 0x641E7E304ECF4259B3D8E399E8C1BEEF
SHA-1: 0x1B0D48C1BA547C18B7F90692FAB5E9752F1A58E8
Tool-EPLLib.gen.a [McAfee]
Mal/EncPk-NB [Sophos]
HackTool.Win32.Patcher [Ikarus]
packed with PE-Crypt.CF [Kaspersky Lab]
5 %Temp%\E_N4\internet.fne
184,320 bytes MD5: 0x4B66006DF308B433E072E8B906C3BF55
SHA-1: 0xADB08BEB1085D96ED5E3AC173FA5CB2BDF1B35D7
Trojan.Gen [Symantec]
Tool-EPLLib.gen.b [McAfee]
Mal/EncPk-NB [Sophos]
Virus.Win32.Heur [Ikarus]
packed with PE-Crypt.CF [Kaspersky Lab]
6 %Temp%\E_N4\krnln.fnr
1,101,824 bytes MD5: 0x279BCD54AB9CA58E616984E0335057E4
SHA-1: 0x79F5D363C3549E78B641549D6C8E8FEB3B6F96D4
Trojan.Gen [Symantec]
Mal/EncPk-NB [Sophos]
packed with PE-Crypt.CF [Kaspersky Lab]
7 %Temp%\E_N4\shell.fne
40,960 bytes MD5: 0x0F27A632D606EBDCD0C516EC9108FF4A
SHA-1: 0x32276613407F9AA937E21A92927116601F9B7890
Trojan Horse [Symantec]
Generic PWS.y!hv.s [McAfee]
Mal/EncPk-NB [Sophos]
Trojan:Win32/Bumat!rts [Microsoft]
Trojan.Peed [Ikarus]
packed with PE-Crypt.CF [Kaspersky Lab]
8 %Temp%\E_N4\spec.fne
73,728 bytes MD5: 0x3209C2EC65D44D6906F45A583AAF3659
SHA-1: 0x2771A317F31AE175F00E7411CB2D1AADFBC63272
Trojan.Gen [Symantec] [McAfee]
Mal/EncPk-NB [Sophos]
Trojan:Win32/Trabin!rts [Microsoft]
Trojan.Peed [Ikarus]
Win-Trojan/Xema.variant [AhnLab]
packed with PE-Crypt.CF [Kaspersky Lab]
9 %Programs%\Startup\AA2E5E.lnk 677 bytes MD5: 0x37298BD14A29802EF7206C7AF2AE19DE
(not available)
10 %System%\13E92A\RegEx.fnr 217,088 bytes MD5: 0xA67DADDCB30335163CF7D99F282F5AE0
SHA-1: 0xC033169006BEF68BEBFA77405C4A35688AB41A99
Tool-EPLLib [McAfee]
W32/AutoRun-MO [Sophos]
11 %System%\1CB5AD\AA2E5E.EXE
[file and pathname of the sample #1]
1,404,629 bytes MD5: 0xF6F525C4191C72C0DFE16F85823FBC80
SHA-1: 0xD6ECE6559578A862D322D2FB72988ABC2EBA1E6D
Packed.Generic.244 [Symantec]
Trojan-Downloader.Win32.FlyStudio.kx [Kaspersky Lab]
W32/Autorun.worm.ev [McAfee]
Mal/EncPk-NB [Sophos]
Backdoor:Win32/FlyAgent.F [Microsoft]
Worm.Win32.FlyStudio [Ikarus]
Win32/Flystudio.worm.Gen [AhnLab]
packed with PE-Crypt.CF [Kaspersky Lab]


Memory Modifications

Process NameProcess FilenameMain Module Size
[filename of the sample #1][file and pathname of the sample #1]200,704 bytes
aa2e5e.exe%System%\1cb5ad\aa2e5e.exe200,704 bytes


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