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File System Modifications

#Filename(s)File SizeFile HashAlias
1 %CommonDesktopDir%\Make The Cut!.lnk 693 bytes MD5: 0x63ACDBE330DE75E80A108007F1969D96
SHA-1: 0x1B3E7D9AB8148C5C0FCE5881CC2991EC90EC09FD
(not available)
2 %CommonPrograms%\Make The Cut!\Make The Cut!.lnk 705 bytes MD5: 0x4EF6CFD55EA97C95C95A36D0EB3E2089
SHA-1: 0x4D769497D02EC924CACA9E4B9836DB082958AC48
(not available)
3 %CommonPrograms%\Make The Cut!\Uninstall Make The Cut!.lnk 734 bytes MD5: 0xDFDF8026ED2A64B4F315D709029C90A8
SHA-1: 0x1CA336F8FFE459DF554D7478191138798830C460
(not available)
4 %ProgramFiles%\Make The Cut!\aeroglass.dll 49,152 bytes MD5: 0x883B1C2D16C25E3BE35F838BB4701940
SHA-1: 0xF811EBF977996BEEF7224727242D8D3AC655B5D1
(not available)
5 %ProgramFiles%\Make The Cut!\libexpat.dll 151,552 bytes MD5: 0xBFD472F623B53DBB23D9533502C5E088
SHA-1: 0x8879AE5FE741455051D6FCD44245CFD383A69F44
(not available)
6 %ProgramFiles%\Make The Cut!\MTC!.exe 1,388,520 bytes MD5: 0x90D995CA0D74377D8A6F42EB4567766F
SHA-1: 0x2842BDCC91DE21533D339C47E617D303C92B9C79
packed with PE_Patch.PECompact [Kaspersky Lab]
7 %ProgramFiles%\Make The Cut!\Plugins\CougarPlugin.dll 200,704 bytes MD5: 0xB902BC085F22803922A6ACC203B6A025
SHA-1: 0x79D4F19EA7BE34FBA258E0625D95D095C63BC7A2
(not available)
8 %ProgramFiles%\Make The Cut!\Plugins\GazellePlugin.dll 176,128 bytes MD5: 0x4A48A2B5D5403CDA873BD057C3998888
SHA-1: 0x74F1DEE50D0818C56BEE3BA1829828760D37C9B1
(not available)
9 %ProgramFiles%\Make The Cut!\Plugins\PCCPlugin.dll 217,088 bytes MD5: 0x6979D808534DC366156F78D156FE8FA1
SHA-1: 0x1E50773829C84DF3675FB741A3CC2FCE03BC8DD1
(not available)
10 %ProgramFiles%\Make The Cut!\Plugins\USCMHLPlugin.dll 200,704 bytes MD5: 0xD5985B22AC95FA43E8215DC035815781
SHA-1: 0x6C0543D72CAC7FB0FC38B029C2D65562DEFCFDEC
(not available)
11 %ProgramFiles%\Make The Cut!\README.rtf 36,817 bytes MD5: 0xB114EFAF91B1724FC3D2097725A68B72
SHA-1: 0xAAD7B5DEA3E645787DC7A0FF751012A080821F2B
(not available)
12 %ProgramFiles%\Make The Cut!\README.txt 3,224 bytes MD5: 0x4D0C4FEDF40B7C23938FCB3FE588CD10
SHA-1: 0x5DB302B74043F561F714EA3BFC9FAAF21F86CB9D
(not available)
13 %ProgramFiles%\Make The Cut!\Uninstall.exe 50,137 bytes MD5: 0x5857774BEDA90C979FA414C574F611F6
SHA-1: 0x473E0FDFE8F50EB65402BA1C3E50CC85E996C5E4
(not available)
14 %ProgramFiles%\Make The Cut!\zlib1.dll 59,904 bytes MD5: 0x80E41408F6D641DC1C0F5353A0CC8125
SHA-1: 0x6D957BA632DF5B06D49A901F2772DF4301610A2A
(not available)
15 [file and pathname of the sample #1] 1,876,848 bytes MD5: 0xEBE5D7D865E138F15B977545F08F158E
SHA-1: 0x67D61C24C262C9D6A5C3E6024491F4E4CE9070EC
(not available)


Memory Modifications

Process NameProcess FilenameMain Module Size
[filename of the sample #1][file and pathname of the sample #1]245,760 bytes


Registry Modifications



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