Submission Summary:

What's been foundSeverity Level
Downloads/requests other files from Internet.
Registers a 32-bit in-process server DLL.
Registers a Browser Helper Object (Microsoft's Internet Explorer plugin module).
Contains characteristics of an identified security risk.


Technical Details:


Possible Security Risk

Threat CategoryDescription
A potentially unwanted adware program designed to deliver various advertisements to the users' systems
A malicious trojan horse or bot that may represent security risk for the compromised system and/or its network environment


File System Modifications

#Filename(s)File SizeFile HashAlias
1 %ProgramFiles%\Power Search Tool\alert_plugin.dll 163,840 bytes MD5: 0x158C277933F08F600C946C45A7AC681C
SHA-1: 0x2A93F38EB6B65350B013E54D946B2025E177A8AE
(not available)
2 %ProgramFiles%\Power Search Tool\basis.xml 107,399 bytes MD5: 0xCB030172B4FC382CFB070753613F819F
SHA-1: 0x82302BFC523BF87F5F48FC9A603C4F4AF5041ECB
(not available)
3 %ProgramFiles%\Power Search Tool\ebay.bmp 2,096 bytes MD5: 0xD406D427E9F2DCBF63587F08AD74D3F5
SHA-1: 0x264742566D772574C125BF24F323C91846E05BE2
(not available)
4 %ProgramFiles%\Power Search Tool\icons.bmp 97,590 bytes MD5: 0x88DC8A9A7B09D586C28BC2206DF66C76
SHA-1: 0x78FBDA4840D7DFF914ABCC05B9A080C7F254220B
(not available)
5 %ProgramFiles%\Power Search Tool\logo-4.bmp 3,324 bytes MD5: 0x5F1B51C7A3AD7F1B3250A3D703C9FA6A
SHA-1: 0x54AF0A860FFA4820641474A8F0BFC9E83E607C74
(not available)
6 %ProgramFiles%\Power Search Tool\mbback.bmp 2,398 bytes MD5: 0x553E309D528593633FE2DA8341FBE16F
SHA-1: 0xBA76B1F242CF8AEE292CB3E4B6A6C38C966AA65E
(not available)
7 %ProgramFiles%\Power Search Tool\mbbigopen.bmp 4,014 bytes MD5: 0x75DDE9037D8184B97B003CA689E0CA88
SHA-1: 0x7E2A0696498B79D4621B1154C2B57449D9BC5F9E
(not available)
8 %ProgramFiles%\Power Search Tool\mbclose.bmp 3,294 bytes MD5: 0x677B91E52A88C3A5BAC734B22D8831B0
SHA-1: 0x6FFFBC494C8D7C5A65E9925486EEA7E94DB37EA0
(not available)
9 %ProgramFiles%\Power Search Tool\mbfwd.bmp 2,398 bytes MD5: 0x20F115D3560D5F05AB901C5229BF0339
SHA-1: 0x7BDF6E770E78BD653CB3CA4FCC1696640110E762
(not available)
10 %ProgramFiles%\Power Search Tool\mbsep.bmp 414 bytes MD5: 0x54B0E04BDD8E228519F458C81F70B43D
SHA-1: 0xF2A9C26F299A1D610A46FC111291B17B83484819
(not available)
11 %ProgramFiles%\Power Search Tool\nav1c.bmp 894 bytes MD5: 0x5D003713F982D1B287EB40EDE3DF9DD5
SHA-1: 0x41F4E85C3348EF5CA46C3E6D21EF3E520D2D2B32
(not available)
12 %ProgramFiles%\Power Search Tool\options.html 5,974 bytes MD5: 0x8392FE54A2718D8E2D22BD6F984A9132
SHA-1: 0x391D8600E328A1308C2110CBFCC833C6B29B8748
(not available)
13 %ProgramFiles%\Power Search Tool\PowerSearchTool4_0.crc 220 bytes MD5: 0xE65BBA6200C5B1BEEC350845B5D4A81B
SHA-1: 0x8B5EEC102D442DA904CB932296354FCE5607DA27
(not available)
14 %ProgramFiles%\Power Search Tool\PowerSearchTool4_0.dll 868,424 bytes MD5: 0xE3B45272494D6811B6D14FAE053977AD
SHA-1: 0x29C5603801FEA93E787FE4A486B9E9709888C3BA
Adware.Mostofate!ct [PCTools]
Trojan.ADH.2 [Symantec] [Kaspersky Lab]
not-a-virus:AdWare.Win32.Mostofate [Ikarus]
Win-Trojan/Mostofate.868424 [AhnLab]
15 %ProgramFiles%\Power Search Tool\version.txt 51 bytes MD5: 0x7EED939D83042AB4C263FB2777F34B46
SHA-1: 0xCEA784850F85AE429B08FF31F8C9F37F59DFF705
(not available)
16 [file and pathname of the sample #1] 477,260 bytes MD5: 0xCA850C66B61FBB1B2BC5386CBD688E16
SHA-1: 0xEC3B5CD5CDF4B30CA21729DE33DAF234C3128B00
Adware.Mostofate!ct [PCTools]
Trojan.ADH.2 [Symantec] [Kaspersky Lab]
Generic PUP.z [McAfee]
not-a-virus:AdWare.Win32.Mostofate [Ikarus]


Registry Modifications


Other details

Russian Federation

Remote HostPort Number



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