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File System Modifications

#Filename(s)File SizeFile Hash
1 %CommonPrograms%\Wheel Generator 1.8.4a\Help File.lnk 758 bytes MD5: 0x2A6E3301B0DF3AFE865194178D1ADA57
SHA-1: 0x593A4C56F76CED8B9A312A68FC8EF80702A39DB2
2 %CommonPrograms%\Wheel Generator 1.8.4a\License Agreement.lnk 839 bytes MD5: 0xCE159F3D21268495B097F917CA2380CB
SHA-1: 0xD0D7CD194C18D4EF18DD5FBBB970A08F2321B725
3 %CommonPrograms%\Wheel Generator 1.8.4a\Uninstall Wheel Generator.lnk 794 bytes MD5: 0x83E4A825A75CD5972AD592B71A89D8E3
SHA-1: 0x7BA39536EA593254ED1A5D87B213F996CE4B5714
4 %CommonPrograms%\Wheel Generator 1.8.4a\Wheel Generator on the Web.url 61 bytes MD5: 0x0D9E3EB5ED5A447A91EADB213B7D7D12
SHA-1: 0x23E84B6AD3EB8437312EC4B2B6128F4B37C97372
5 %CommonPrograms%\Wheel Generator 1.8.4a\Wheel Generator.lnk 758 bytes MD5: 0x81C9011A9F67075FADFC1E15C3C7A17F
SHA-1: 0xCD9C3252C86E0AF4001F8831342019E303DD0101
6 %ProgramFiles%\Wheel Generator 1.8.4a\License Agreement.txt 5,683 bytes MD5: 0xEA81C1BC1FC2B6D7C579F46690BD082B
SHA-1: 0x0E9782318D841B548AFBA5E7753731F3747A1085
7 %ProgramFiles%\Wheel Generator 1.8.4a\unins000.dat 2,763 bytes MD5: 0x84DC8C9C1F6703316826D944B3534B28
SHA-1: 0xE928ED471442C962E91536682C26CF6882F2F9EA
8 %ProgramFiles%\Wheel Generator 1.8.4a\unins000.exe 715,038 bytes MD5: 0xA9A2B3B16550633104A2D8017CB75503
SHA-1: 0x697EA2AFA6E240731D5FEEBFE5BAF7E4792D0D50
9 %ProgramFiles%\Wheel Generator 1.8.4a\WG.doc 2,870,784 bytes MD5: 0x7D1987B45CA108B771D5F7FA9E0052B8
SHA-1: 0x8CB33D3F2BBEC1E3903FAC56054CD0B651ADB77C
10 %ProgramFiles%\Wheel Generator 1.8.4a\WG.exe 1,498,624 bytes MD5: 0x7A585DDE2A628EABBDD7921684E78A19
SHA-1: 0x0AB590567A442B5989876A0689B34FB0A0F60255
11 [file and pathname of the sample #1] 3,120,977 bytes MD5: 0xB740AFD6C55FD259A32DADB7209407CD
SHA-1: 0x7A5A52EC5E71A556C6D8800011BBD12D3A6624BB


Memory Modifications

Process NameProcess FilenameMain Module Size
[filename of the sample #1][file and pathname of the sample #1]81,920 bytes
[filename of the sample #1 without extension].tmp%Temp%\is-379RJ.tmp\[filename of the sample #1 without extension].tmp770,048 bytes
wg.exe%ProgramFiles%\wheel generator 1.8.4a\wg.exe2,510,848 bytes


Registry Modifications


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