Submission Summary:

What's been foundSeverity Level
Contains characteristics of an identified security risk.


Technical Details:


Possible Security Risk

Threat CategoryDescription
A malicious trojan horse or bot that may represent security risk for the compromised system and/or its network environment


File System Modifications

#Filename(s)File SizeFile HashAlias
1 c:\!_READ_ME_!.txt
%CommonDocuments%\My Pictures\Sample Pictures\!_READ_ME_!.txt
502 bytes MD5: 0xBDAB1E2874DC411275B3C4F9C603C64D
SHA-1: 0x85A210EF14B6F508E74D500B416A047FAB2414FD
(not available)
2 c:\contacts.html._CRYPT 295 bytes MD5: 0xB2980F5E480663670A72664B54383F08
SHA-1: 0x9798C62A5015D6B2B0826EA338FF729718DD8145
(not available)
3 %CommonDocuments%\My Pictures\Sample Pictures\Blue hills.jpg._CRYPT 28,537 bytes MD5: 0x9271CE1147E1CB3D6B95628C68C44EED
SHA-1: 0x3C0982A37479660CFFCE0D94F5AB9F7471BD3C59
(not available)
4 %CommonDocuments%\My Pictures\Sample Pictures\Sunset.jpg._CRYPT 71,205 bytes MD5: 0xF01BEF901390F6917521B4F3D48D2E47
SHA-1: 0x2F2436621ABF3ED2012C42D1800C58FFBF69E5E7
(not available)
5 %CommonDocuments%\My Pictures\Sample Pictures\Water lilies.jpg._CRYPT 83,810 bytes MD5: 0x5F22F53EAE047A90E6A9FE05023ABC74
SHA-1: 0xE7953382827149A633B39196C4354D8915D750C8
(not available)
6 %CommonDocuments%\My Pictures\Sample Pictures\Winter.jpg._CRYPT 105,558 bytes MD5: 0x583192C857B7870D5932D5731B277828
SHA-1: 0x5F68AA1FE316CF9483FEC78001E55D2B4499EF65
(not available)
7 c:\Inetpub\wwwroot\index.html._CRYPT 141 bytes MD5: 0x11B70E36FB16244C3406C99D7282976F
SHA-1: 0x982C8A861D8DE21D85640928250AEA6D67F6434B
(not available)
8 c:\Inetpub\wwwroot\index.jpg._CRYPT 176,110 bytes MD5: 0x65E8F601997A021B8772A3D73F5B666D
SHA-1: 0x1606340EAC1E59646756A3F8E535C620590D1607
(not available)
9 c:\main.wab._CRYPT 178,894 bytes MD5: 0x05EA80B6D8BB7F89657138696D97E4CC
SHA-1: 0x244851211C8FBF1E765B53171B4A7470E94AB4EE
(not available)
10 [file and pathname of the sample #1] 8,030 bytes MD5: 0x7CD8E2FC5FE2DC351F24417CC1D23AFA
SHA-1: 0x1490EE2D05B8862D17BB87BC00F0F0CC21C5505F
Trojan.Gpcoder [PCTools]
Trojan.Gpcoder.F [Symantec]
Trojan-Ransom.Win32.Gpcode.ak [Kaspersky Lab]
GPcoder.i [McAfee]
Troj/Gpcode-D [Sophos]
Trojan:Win32/Gpcode.G [Microsoft]
Virus.Win32.Gpcode [Ikarus]
Win-Trojan/Gpcode.8030 [AhnLab]
11 %System%\[filename of the sample #1 without extension].vbs 360 bytes MD5: 0x4308559CE8BCBA2DD02BC0E265E6FBB7
SHA-1: 0xDE16A57290FDFFC3934A2275369C5F591F955B37
(not available)


Registry Modifications



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