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File System Modifications

#Filename(s)File SizeFile Hash
1 %Temp%\AndroidManifest.xml 12,812 bytes MD5: 0x09204E528F328B4A9248F71472E5B134
SHA-1: 0x87406E69A69D4FD841F014F69962B2C5530D9F1C
2 %Temp%\classes.dex 184,672 bytes MD5: 0x4AC5597BE571D48C1374CD21CF59AFEE
SHA-1: 0x950A46DFE79ACAFFB073F19D266DE5E8B8ED00C0
3 %Temp%\META-INF\CERT.DSA 921 bytes MD5: 0xDD1492D68531AC64ED92FFAD67EB9107
SHA-1: 0x6D466EAC8EDECD6C6A834D56AF3C7C019AD70480
4 %Temp%\META-INF\CERT.SF 2,381 bytes MD5: 0x5D8C33ED323A203442AD72818DD11998
SHA-1: 0x542D3EA1015435A4E01A5D5BD9806547060AD3C5
5 %Temp%\META-INF\MANIFEST.MF 2,262 bytes MD5: 0x2D01452F8672439DB82001815BB7CCE6
SHA-1: 0x9A3DFBEA5F5D954E56F7DB48BF4E83A89002A8C0
6 %Temp%\resources.arsc 6,584 bytes MD5: 0x5086E0E06742FE9A2084A5BBCEB32E79
SHA-1: 0xF84999E135487433E85405655B5B4054A06D4D97
7 %Temp%\ 572 bytes MD5: 0x2FE0CC29EEF1D85DE514FD42C847D8E6
SHA-1: 0xA66306FB29A24032B82576B958A9C3AA181A59FD
8 %Temp%\ 26,584 bytes MD5: 0xDE93D06D42CA7EA85E5D727D287D25F8
SHA-1: 0x1BD623F9DD8BBF2EBA2DD74B1C9434F2FA93518B
9 %Temp%\ 2,186 bytes MD5: 0x93BC9DCF4B242E9E015326312E50B016
SHA-1: 0x3AC76F4FF517FA7B62138A78E81A42B825EED663
10 %Temp%\ 77 bytes MD5: 0xA97D2AAF12A01651E624752FBA1E8866
SHA-1: 0x99AAA8794C5AD7CF14C433931E47ED0AEB89C2AC
11 %Temp%\??.xml
332 bytes MD5: 0x0A2B9B395B284EC8769BB400EB8E7455
SHA-1: 0xB63BCEBC16DA36F59E16C8F0D8C640CC5FB0014D
12 %Temp%\ 6,289 bytes MD5: 0x450B399243F052ED590AD1442DC89767
SHA-1: 0x9B0F39901615AD9D07109CACA1CBB843558B2B94
13 %Temp%\?? 632 bytes MD5: 0xA209C88242238CA78020F31606EECC11
SHA-1: 0x39F3278693DB945729D230436FEC5E5748490CB0
14 %Temp%\ 1,720 bytes MD5: 0xD176D7A86B9928BD99776528DCD5A04F
SHA-1: 0x1BF9A9A4134899C7CDD70EDC2870AAE93487E990
15 %Temp%\ 7,577 bytes MD5: 0xD7BAEA2553BBC8E205D6BB2CCD22B64D
SHA-1: 0xDE12DD9753B4C277FF22848F42B6EED2E47008A2
16 %Temp%\ 396 bytes MD5: 0xFC53501C19510147E43C2918E86CC031
SHA-1: 0x439F639FDECAC008BB3FEB17A1553139E5E97C1C
17 [file and pathname of the sample #1] 198,800 bytes MD5: 0x790A62A841927F4EC1E0675A590C56D1
SHA-1: 0xC6A72B78A28CE14E992189322BE74139AEF2B463



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