Submission Summary:

What's been foundSeverity Level
Downloads/requests other files from Internet.
Creates a startup registry entry.
Registers a 32-bit in-process server DLL.
Registers a Browser Helper Object (Microsoft's Internet Explorer plugin module).


Technical Details:


File System Modifications

#Filename(s)File SizeFile Hash
1 %ProgramFiles%\sidematch\FreeApp.exe 48,080 bytes MD5: 0x5F1A003EE27AC7947C42F6DA100D00C6
SHA-1: 0xC4D16E2B05ED3AEF2781A5A3650A5D6BE9A81AB1
2 %ProgramFiles%\sidematch\SideBand.dll 413,136 bytes MD5: 0x0C00344A698C8BBB2BA08F99BA7C1515
SHA-1: 0xEA4279510874B4981F4CF846D8D896EAB7C91178
3 %ProgramFiles%\sidematch\sidematch Update Log.txt 2,067 bytes MD5: 0x6BD4FF88827E9CD24D60369910382582
SHA-1: 0x55444406E482D8003FC18B9199962F627120A3B8
4 %ProgramFiles%\sidematch\sidematch.dat 22,121 bytes MD5: 0xDEF2D4DD75BF2A0A67D4F5B596659802
SHA-1: 0x0696E912CF99EE26802E0CE7248AEC5260AB6C11
5 %ProgramFiles%\sidematch\sidematch.exe 467,456 bytes MD5: 0xC3F58232FB7870D4E0BF310EFA967FC1
6 %ProgramFiles%\sidematch\SideMatch_v8.dll 381,904 bytes MD5: 0xDFF4862693E2CCEA894EDCF605C34D14
SHA-1: 0xB39248CAB148F88D7990095A57555E0E05AD2B26
7 %ProgramFiles%\sidematch\unins000.dat 10,101 bytes MD5: 0x03DBBA343B7E1A7377DB937E51EADB95
SHA-1: 0x477A1E4E933B868872A6ABD43EF56EA1EB1EE1B7
8 %ProgramFiles%\sidematch\unins000.exe 681,844 bytes MD5: 0xDBB1912375670510B999960C4F84BE05
SHA-1: 0x09601A52D61AE229B6E0BAE8CBDF07274A8A1F03
9 %System%\del_nsis_bat.cmd 167 bytes MD5: 0x5F36F6C84646B5AD645588841CE170AD
SHA-1: 0x6CAB61FB665E72BD22D2281FAF7A4C48E129B08B
10 [file and pathname of the sample #1] 1,587,477 bytes MD5: 0x65BE4EBFAD2CC4889AABDEFCCF46B9DB
SHA-1: 0x48BB797CCF524D9A3F74918344037F19674FBDB1


Registry Modifications


Other details

Remote HostPort Number



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