Submission Summary:


Technical Details:


File System Modifications

#Filename(s)File SizeFile Hash
1 %Temp%\telnetd\CVSTART.txt 191 bytes MD5: 0x2880AAFCD90F06894BDF0FDE9B78EBBF
SHA-1: 0x4A3EB5FC6320C1C6ACE61DF9DB26058593F3F53E
2 %Temp%\telnetd\MFC42D.DLL 962,612 bytes MD5: 0x71846ABC9FA408FC283D174194CAF29D
SHA-1: 0x34D5F0A5E5B7F14DE788FF3A56A7E0664ED2B60C
3 %Temp%\telnetd\MSVCP60D.DLL 516,173 bytes MD5: 0x52A5636FD97D83D6EE60C5DB70A7AADF
SHA-1: 0x6DE04508E27DD7022A4D4826B0F15D702FDD9F8A
4 %Temp%\telnetd\MSVCRTD.DLL 401,484 bytes MD5: 0xA5F69A8E873C2B03C701CD72A92C7ECA
SHA-1: 0x74B328E3175AC3AC73377D4C0A1A897BAA31F3FD
5 %Temp%\telnetd\Restart.bat 40 bytes MD5: 0xC581F4E101C12836ACBBBEAF3DB047F9
SHA-1: 0x8F1DB7CB72E5970E0B08A5F3E7C71B15B0AB7D5D
6 %Temp%\telnetd\Telnetd.exe 81,991 bytes MD5: 0x484E1382DEEC444E1DE0634806BD1D21
SHA-1: 0x852889F8E6801AC875FB83EA03DA10DFF817C38E
7 %Temp%\telnetd\Telnetlog.txt 822 bytes MD5: 0xFCBA294A909041EE406BB5E6E10C9455
SHA-1: 0x6BC4A9B1B085970FA2577F5888A8730E02AF5BF1
8 %Temp%\Telnetlog.txt 96 bytes MD5: 0x15A881605A7B246D2050A6AB37A15688
SHA-1: 0x1D404E385FB29E3092F5D5CC4F87BBED104BD241
9 [file and pathname of the sample #1] 663,010 bytes MD5: 0x3D98B3247DF172D49A2327E0A6FDA5E4
SHA-1: 0xB3A556C7062C2489CC2C3BD706C71FA9B4FF3190



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