Submission Summary:

What's been foundSeverity Level
Produces outbound traffic.
Downloads/requests other files from Internet.


Technical Details:


File System Modifications

#Filename(s)File SizeFile HashAlias
1 %System%\del.bat 109 bytes MD5: 0x1FA162147382D74B19C602DB3A3DDA89
SHA-1: 0xCB6B89C05B7A6801E2915865E11376E94F83DC1A
(not available)
2 [file and pathname of the sample #1] 245,760 bytes MD5: 0x3997A63B988977302AEB74C57C0EC3DB
SHA-1: 0x30E7A7D384BF0A499A30262417D434E8BC4A38C6
packed with UPX [Kaspersky Lab]
3 %Windir%\Tasks\At1.job 396 bytes MD5: 0x5B1BB87433DA78B9FA669ECA088B156D
SHA-1: 0x6ECB1E4A7C046C8B0F7B86A6993DD5B144C60D56
(not available)
4 %Windir%\Tasks\At10.job 396 bytes MD5: 0xFFBD05B448C329D14B7B9132A3505CD2
SHA-1: 0x744ACC229A04D19A54F884E7A9C7E5FF2B30BA29
(not available)
5 %Windir%\Tasks\At11.job 396 bytes MD5: 0x2CB18395549105BFF08D3CC2CA5C5FD9
SHA-1: 0x9EF9B116F2150F4C730E6E74AD0042EC6E3FA533
(not available)
6 %Windir%\Tasks\At12.job 396 bytes MD5: 0xD24FE71BA52B31458F0B2DBB79656F4B
SHA-1: 0x0945387AE9B1CD03BF997590CFE585D7F4BB8B36
(not available)
7 %Windir%\Tasks\At13.job 396 bytes MD5: 0x72A8540D079F68E108790F3C14517945
SHA-1: 0x888CEF6B04FDB420EF5EEA005121126DF4EB9030
(not available)
8 %Windir%\Tasks\At14.job 396 bytes MD5: 0x8C4E0BAA4A8F45E61B6A99B270222E35
SHA-1: 0x30BB751E4C4C5E948FAD1742F0CB4652201B0600
(not available)
9 %Windir%\Tasks\At15.job 396 bytes MD5: 0x418AD3C8F7E022DC5F4A3E2C81DEA0F5
SHA-1: 0xCE9285D0D3DA70B929DB10DE6D768EBF0FBFF04D
(not available)
10 %Windir%\Tasks\At16.job 396 bytes MD5: 0xED5F9A235BB758E61AD706E266240747
SHA-1: 0x3F47622F012D986739FD36446D4A1A7172354E4F
(not available)
11 %Windir%\Tasks\At17.job 396 bytes MD5: 0xA391CDA1D6B93134C131CBADE07A1087
SHA-1: 0x44CB8E8C7F635692BF7E5C939017DEC3966BA7F2
(not available)
12 %Windir%\Tasks\At18.job 396 bytes MD5: 0xA064EC6F832922AE5C4521A1546B8339
SHA-1: 0xCB27154D2EBC432C7DF514D4D75D315A50520D94
(not available)
13 %Windir%\Tasks\At2.job 396 bytes MD5: 0x998DC114654F9EC0B92144007165EAA7
SHA-1: 0xEB0E3A45236388EFE09FEDB48336ED442E6DC572
(not available)
14 %Windir%\Tasks\At3.job 396 bytes MD5: 0x40A40B8742CAFF824455106710441132
SHA-1: 0x8AA8E908A3A4AFC9463773EF1C6F545FCACF85D8
(not available)
15 %Windir%\Tasks\At4.job 396 bytes MD5: 0x28324A4707CD22E83BFA94E4409CB134
SHA-1: 0x96C31F810E5110B197C922867FACC644C985DF4F
(not available)
16 %Windir%\Tasks\At5.job 396 bytes MD5: 0x626B0A067E5E40481FFA0FB0B7D6715E
SHA-1: 0x10B2F0D59B9D85D75BDC73059BAAE5E33BB411AB
(not available)
17 %Windir%\Tasks\At6.job 396 bytes MD5: 0xA0F8313681534F8FF072207F7BBED405
SHA-1: 0x2CAD6DCB827159CB784084FE79CD635E18738899
(not available)
18 %Windir%\Tasks\At7.job 396 bytes MD5: 0x1128001B87A3DBFCAA9F8397CCF37B23
SHA-1: 0x041C3ADDCA30E6AED8B69ABF627C258C375D5654
(not available)
19 %Windir%\Tasks\At8.job 396 bytes MD5: 0x32361468BB575CE2A901A7E405604D23
SHA-1: 0x48B6DF912129918C85557E6ACD9685A0C21DCFBD
(not available)
20 %Windir%\Tasks\At9.job 396 bytes MD5: 0xDA26B16DDBA80316C4B231F3E1C07B5A
SHA-1: 0xB594D43B7975C77ED20E6624B0A52339FAFBAF73
(not available)


Memory Modifications

Process NameProcess FilenameMain Module Size
[filename of the sample #1][file and pathname of the sample #1]647,168 bytes


Registry Modifications


Other details

Russian Federation

Remote HostPort Number


Outbound traffic (potentially malicious)



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