Submission Summary:

What's been foundSeverity Level
Produces outbound traffic.
Downloads/requests other files from Internet.


Technical Details:


File System Modifications

#Filename(s)File SizeFile HashAlias
1 %Temp%\dhdhtrdhdrtr5y 1,146,880 bytes MD5: 0x882FE60695BA9D8A92A32924205CE0FE
SHA-1: 0x22F9440B77F151C832755EB65400F78CF34C886F
packed with PE_Patch [Kaspersky Lab]
2 %Temp%\rkajwjrffjaeo 65,536 bytes MD5: 0x3338A4CC7B46541C411010DF89491FA0
SHA-1: 0xEE9B66D956AEDBC2D699F7556E84C74E852EC063
packed with PE_Patch [Kaspersky Lab]
3 %Temp%\test.reg 11,904 bytes MD5: 0x4DAE7838EFAC2C2EDCEAA31FB4CB602B
SHA-1: 0x13774B0DE5125B531995E693A3209993D944C55C
(not available)
4 %Temp%\vsfrtf1ae.tmp 16,896 bytes MD5: 0x2C7E90D762B109C456558FD390588385
SHA-1: 0xD9DCCE9630422BC28F6E3EC4B5FCED5A5C4F4C53
packed with PE_Patch [Kaspersky Lab]
5 %Temp%\winnrk64.dll 30,208 bytes MD5: 0x38A4840098CE3183C0D4F58452816A82
SHA-1: 0x80435357091D55CDFB17CC00DC8EF2D823829FBF
packed with PE_Patch [Kaspersky Lab]
6 %Temp%\wscsvc32.exe 913,408 bytes MD5: 0xEC0E862B25F8618D1C3ADF131172FDE4
SHA-1: 0x3D0D18BA2A73B5DB31107344871DE7B9FAE02B29
packed with PE_Patch [Kaspersky Lab]
7 %System%\wininit.dll 827 bytes MD5: 0x3717EC0612613357D03624AAA2CC835F
SHA-1: 0xEA8DFDFB4862C4E25429ED4A9958B5C9D7E2209A
(not available)


Memory Modifications

Process NameProcess FilenameMain Module Size
wscsvc32.exe%Temp%\wscsvc32.exe1,990,656 bytes

Process NameMain Module Size
winhbt.exe172,032 bytes
wow64main.exe2,215,936 bytes

Service NameDisplay NameNew StatusService Filename
wscsvcSecurity Center"Stopped"%System%\svchost.exe -k netsvcs


Registry Modifications


Other details

Russian Federation

Remote HostPort Number


Outbound traffic (potentially malicious)



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