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File System Modifications

#Filename(s)File SizeFile HashAlias
1 %Temp%\b5n3.class 935 bytes MD5: 0xF53A54EFA03E1D9FA17DBAA2B22EAF2C
SHA-1: 0xF724E2FE8D3BAF9C6226E220FC46CC2EDB020435
(not available)
2 %Temp%\g5z6.class 1,423 bytes MD5: 0x134B25EE903D53332ACB53224EE99BED
SHA-1: 0x3196B3D7FD0FC8ACB4FC24B50D41D920D652F684
(not available)
3 %Temp%\g6k1.class 2,759 bytes MD5: 0xBAA9F9444B77004A66DFFB5C905371EE
SHA-1: 0x3A699B9D57153EB0FF2378A1043A62438455DB31
(not available)
4 %Temp%\h6l4.class 10,819 bytes MD5: 0x5CD8BFB85E462FDD14E2279FB297AA43
SHA-1: 0x61A93A56B32B6C21D0404BB2456D6BF5865F0038
(not available)
5 %Temp%\main.class 7,630 bytes MD5: 0xDFFFFA5CD626759B81E5B9ADE0EA0107
SHA-1: 0xFB151B371E987FD3163F86F71C608AA2D3ABA669
(not available)
6 %Temp%\META-INF\MANIFEST.MF 43 bytes MD5: 0xAEC2581F7B8DF736F8468D2CBBBF57D7
SHA-1: 0xBCFEAF4D34359294B628CB9C1CC740C044D244CA
(not available)
7 %Temp%\q3p0.class 2,292 bytes MD5: 0xE240D125D55713C285CD58844120B41B
SHA-1: 0x3C18C415AD94366CCFE0A997D977D389122BFD5F
(not available)
8 %Temp%\Tuvvoaerffb.class 4,579 bytes MD5: 0x0B63A5319F9B431BA5A57B7B13DEFE11
SHA-1: 0xF872FD7346332179D9A3DF88728D21D3432B1BAF
Mal/JavaMeO-A [Sophos]
9 %Temp%\y6u7.class 9,866 bytes MD5: 0x193CA030B2571CD916A138B6304A341E
SHA-1: 0xE02B9AD3E2EE1B6986A8D5E2905FCF383A39AF0F
(not available)
10 [file and pathname of the sample #1] 23,558 bytes MD5: 0x18A510B4FB639B5DD7CB656A128F5228
SHA-1: 0xE38ABE7E79D6A826BBD66C6E14C54FDA1C5E0084
(not available)



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