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What's been foundSeverity Level
Registers a 32-bit in-process server DLL.
Registers a Browser Helper Object (Microsoft's Internet Explorer plugin module).


Technical Details:


File System Modifications

#Filename(s)File SizeFile Hash
1 %CommonAppData%\TheBflix\background.html 4,835 bytes MD5: 0x6FD4036380E23CC9F39A5A6238A1B5C3
SHA-1: 0x6C083546647FAF76A50321B798712F6ACCF7172C
2 %CommonAppData%\TheBflix\bhoclass.dll 141,824 bytes MD5: 0x8ED6BC95711DE1A9DD814B8F0393B4FF
SHA-1: 0x9EA0359886B32C6F6A16350D48E71F1FDA45CB20
3 %CommonAppData%\TheBflix\content.js 386 bytes MD5: 0xD586FC8E96D1F063DE1C8E7CE3AE31E7
SHA-1: 0x2FE7970A27489A5A001F334258272B9EFC7A09D2
4 %CommonAppData%\TheBflix\ppjemjejnnojomfekgbpbbnecicblllf.crx 38,103 bytes MD5: 0x8586E4A158BF96A5D19DD798CFC9FF8C
SHA-1: 0xE715C6010E72C77D6DD1C7FE052FBB67153A5631
5 %CommonAppData%\TheBflix\settings.ini 557 bytes MD5: 0xDE89342A80FF9F96179D16DAE6EB257D
SHA-1: 0x1DB5FE5CADC3E4548422FC96F798813603A41CD4
6 %CommonAppData%\TheBflix\uninstall.exe 47,376 bytes MD5: 0xF5FC21E4B64951A435845F6F605941CE
SHA-1: 0x6BEEB36CF13C7BC1805A12201E1FFF94CCDAC417
7 %CommonPrograms%\TheBflix\TheBflix.lnk 278 bytes MD5: 0xC148888BEABD7A67623303804984FF3C
SHA-1: 0xE21874917A6830448C7DCC19E0080EE9D9FEF29F
8 %CommonPrograms%\TheBflix\Uninstall.lnk 769 bytes MD5: 0x6CE473E79EC27F28FF761C6E55F2171F
SHA-1: 0x8D8B4FEB1DAC72DD3128E37D5E9555D620E73588
9 c:\settings.ini 510 bytes MD5: 0xF35AAA221EB79BB2F220BCBB354A95A0
SHA-1: 0x0CDD17F72836DD642219A00393F3B9B67D945524
10 [file and pathname of the sample #1] 316,981 bytes MD5: 0x0BE17742CABAED3A2845364C27270AA3
SHA-1: 0xBFF3FDDB0EEDB56F4347B6C0A2E6C7F8DA87C236


Registry Modifications


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