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#Filename(s)File SizeFile Hash
1 %CommonPrograms%\YourPronunciationLab v1.1\Uninstall YourPronunciationLab v1.1.lnk 729 bytes MD5: 0xCFC7D2DB3BDB86934C8ABAED719B3231
SHA-1: 0x39860E84DE90C064E784864A3802AF777A2DE39B
2 %CommonPrograms%\YourPronunciationLab v1.1\YourPronunciationLab v1.1.lnk 789 bytes MD5: 0xAA6BA7345BA39795A205CE73820DE86A
SHA-1: 0x82CFF288287C6AA7265E4AD86F4B59827BB9A4E6
3 %ProgramFiles%\YourPronunciationLab v1.1\unins000.dat 6,160 bytes MD5: 0xFAEC2D3BE05059F9AD36FED7885DA4C2
SHA-1: 0xCA532A4D94D94E446F9BC4163A755E7DD6C568B2
4 %ProgramFiles%\YourPronunciationLab v1.1\unins000.exe 695,578 bytes MD5: 0xB8D8D7C01A88C26C8F5FC1D8792163FC
SHA-1: 0x5B6FDEAB8F6B00EE4647CD8B922C512FDAC83658
5 %ProgramFiles%\YourPronunciationLab v1.1\YourPronunciationLab.exe 389,632 bytes MD5: 0xE2AF661AF97E54109C6D8C48642E8200
SHA-1: 0x67B1B60F883F75C80EF831602AA1EB72CDA8CD35
6 %ProgramFiles%\YourPronunciationLab v1.1\YourPronunciationLab_EULA.txt 5,826 bytes MD5: 0x97384EA9C11C74C018AF623191C941C8
SHA-1: 0xCF15958B043E9A303A387B2016AAC2CF2E860C47
7 [file and pathname of the sample #1] 346,814 bytes MD5: 0x09207AA4449432C198064907817AC3C3
SHA-1: 0xFB3B0890D3FEFA3D5AD7640292D3FE30F1A76B27


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