Submission Summary:

What's been foundSeverity Level
Produces outbound traffic.
Downloads/requests other files from Internet.
Creates a startup registry entry.
Registers a 32-bit in-process server DLL.
Registers a Browser Helper Object (Microsoft's Internet Explorer plugin module).


Technical Details:


File System Modifications

#Filename(s)File SizeFile Hash
1 %Temp%\DcaApi.xml 82 bytes MD5: 0x0D8CB653C1053D9B585881FEC191C530
SHA-1: 0x7F7BAB0B013131C0BDC54A471839E11FF2777CE9
2 %Temp%\DCA_privacy_IE.dat 12,825 bytes MD5: 0x1F1B7EDC5326EFC9BAC0F5C1900579B5
SHA-1: 0xBDFF77E282B387E91070D0661538B9C7BC0C9DE5
3 %Temp%\DCA_psettings_IE.dat 314 bytes MD5: 0x36C7CD1ACCB908505E1CD9DAF1755E64
SHA-1: 0x531CBCC24EF6B9C5B41AA8B328D7AF6CC4675BA9
4 %Temp%\DCA_Whitelist_IE.dat 68,599 bytes MD5: 0x0284F1EC0D0050D754E742C10F9F2BAD
SHA-1: 0xA3C37DE405F07D3679268A0E265628D0B3498A1A
5 %Temp%\nsl2.tmp\ie_runner_app.exe 65,536 bytes MD5: 0x637375D8FC638326E8161FAA9F4BE164
SHA-1: 0x03E383F3C2D6E4713C5C41EF0E7B1B60D70458F8
6 %Temp%\nsl2.tmp\registry.dll 16,384 bytes MD5: 0x351F89337642C165A48DD763AA210023
SHA-1: 0xA5B204CBC51A0AD84248AA680B85BE7824F3354E
7 %ProgramFiles%\Consumer Input\CptUrlPassthru.dll 554,888 bytes MD5: 0xC079AEA280312EFAE8CBEA2B25D942C9
SHA-1: 0x7A32C6B9E25477CEDE111DA7F597154A4E057993
8 %ProgramFiles%\Consumer Input\dca-api.dll 231,304 bytes MD5: 0xA9140BF6D8DE5B54F967B55E8DAE8E79
SHA-1: 0xD324DDC416ED345988881FC789A68DEF07FD1C8C
9 %ProgramFiles%\Consumer Input\dca-bho.dll 214,920 bytes MD5: 0x146AEBAFF804ADC601B3BD8E44886F73
SHA-1: 0xC1CDB31F82B5B24C4B2C3A99D415372D5F5D4641
10 %ProgramFiles%\Consumer Input\dca-ua.exe 169,864 bytes MD5: 0x06BA4C97F3788289E7AC4BA805DC85C8
SHA-1: 0x543B7F6BECE94DC58F4D66DD300F4F88336A0268
11 %ProgramFiles%\Consumer Input\uninstall.exe 365,976 bytes MD5: 0x8FE1FFE19E627877AFA977E90ECB69D7
SHA-1: 0xBC4E940DB39BFED6FD36DCEB4C78B4F68168CF97
12 %ProgramFiles%\Consumer Input\uninstall.ico 26,694 bytes MD5: 0xEECE2C1D1448BD48D006DE347FCE1298
SHA-1: 0xE64E8B9DD53B45804B9011A0CBB84EB11EA37CC8
13 %ProgramFiles%\Consumer Input\uninstall.log 313 bytes MD5: 0xF8F992FC73988AEB4F23A65A584C890D
SHA-1: 0xC584037751FABEB4779C6365720F4EE69AE51EAF
14 [file and pathname of the sample #1] 1,135,544 bytes MD5: 0x026FC95D6A26DD5F08507580B2AFC32B
SHA-1: 0x46E9D14EF90662476992080C2418B84E7B31DBE3


Registry Modifications


Other details

Remote HostPort Number


Outbound traffic (potentially malicious)



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