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A-Z Threat Listing
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Threat NameThreat LevelThreat Description
Hijacker.OmegaSearch This threat will hijack the homepage of infected machines. This is believed to be a variant of
Hijacker.PeoplePC_Toolbar This is a Search URL hijacker that directs searches to and the browser start page to
Hijacker.Phony_search_redirector This search hijacker will redirect search queries to a phony search page located at: The search results appear to be from reputable search engines such as yahoo! and google however this is not the case.
Hijacker.Pnpsvc_lock Pnpsvc_lock is a browser hijacker which adds a run key into the registry to activate itself each time Windows starts up.
Hijacker.Pugi_Masterbar Pugi.Masterbar is a hijacker which redirects your search pages to
Hijacker.Pugi_Qidion Pugi.Qidion is a hijacker which redirects your search pages to It is controlled by
Hijacker.Pugi_SearchExplorer Pugi.SearchExplorer is a hijacker which redirects your search pages to It is distributed and controlled by
Hijacker.Raze_Spyware Raze Spyware uses scare tactics to lure users to download their product by hijacking their wallpaper to display a link to download their product.
Hijacker.Search_Pounder Search Pounder hijacks your homepage and web pages you visit as well as silently sending your IP address to their server.
Hijacker.Search_System Browser hijacker which redirects you to
Hijacker.SearchCentrix SearchCentrix is a search and error page hijacker implemented as an Internet Explorer Browser Helper Object.
Hijacker.SeekSeek_Hijacker SeekSeek is a browser hijacker, redirecting your browser to
Hijacker.Specific911_Hijack Specific911 is a browser hijack targeting Internet Explorer. It begins by lowering the internet security settings to allow unsigned activeX to be executed. It hijacks the internet browser and modifies the host file, such that all sites are redirected to
Hijacker.Superlogy_com This is a BHO which hijacks the default internet web page and installs various other spyware.
Hijacker.SurfSideKick SurfSideKick is an adware based software that installs without the users knowledge. It then targets the infected machine with pop-up advertisements as well as downloading additional malware and creating links on the desktop.
Hijacker.Webtracer_Hijacker Webtracer Hijacker changes Internet Explorers homepage to It also adds pornography links to favourites.
Hijacker.WinSearchIE32 A browser hijacker. Changes the start page to and creates a copy of itself in the 'system32' directory where an entry will be created for it to automatically start-up.
Hijacker.Zango_Search_Assistant_before_December_2004 Zango is a hijacker. says it redirects you to websites of interest. The search engine does work but after a short time it resets your homepage to about:blank and offers you choice of search categories. Note that newer versions of Zango are not threats and are named Zango Search Assistant 'after' December 2004, which is different from this Zango which is an actual threat.